Vision & Mission


“Transforming Africa through sustainable employment opportunities” – This vision statement conveys the company’s aspirations to have a positive impact on Africa through the creation of job opportunities. The use of the word “sustainable” highlights the company’s commitment to creating long-term and stable employment, rather than short-term or temporary solutions. This vision sets a clear direction for the company’s activities and provides a clear picture of the company’s aspirations for the future.


“To invest in innovative and adaptable companies that create direct and indirect employment opportunities for Africans, with the goal of improving their economic well-being and contributing to the development of the continent.” – This mission statement lays out the company’s strategy for achieving its vision. By investing in innovative and adaptable companies, ITTEMBE GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED aims to identify and support businesses that have the potential to create meaningful job opportunities for Africans. The company’s focus on both direct and indirect employment highlights its commitment to creating a multiplier effect, where the creation of one job leads to the creation of several more. The mission statement also emphasizes the company’s goal of improving the economic well-being of Africans, which is closely tied to the creation of job opportunities.
Together, the vision and mission statements provide a clear and inspiring direction for the ITTEMBE GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED and serve as a guide for the company’s decisions and activities as it works towards its goal of transforming Africa through sustainable employment opportunities.