About Us


ITTEMBE GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED is a dynamic investment group with a vision to positively impact the African continent by providing job opportunities and promoting economic growth. The company was established in 2021 with the goal of investing in internet-based companies with high potential for job creation. The word “ittembe” is rooted in the Kisogo tribe name from the eastern part of Uganda and symbolizes the company’s commitment to building a supportive community of individuals working towards a common goal.

The company aims to create direct employment for over one million Africans and indirect employment for 100 million Africans by the end of the century. This ambitious goal is a testament to the company’s commitment to making a significant and lasting impact on the African continent. ITTEMBE GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED recognizes the potential of internet-based companies to drive economic growth and create job opportunities and is focused on investing in such companies with the goal of achieving its mission.

In addition to investing in companies, ITTEMBE GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the businesses in its portfolio. The company provides resources and support to help these businesses achieve their growth and employment goals, and regularly measures and tracks the impact of its investments on employment in Africa.

ITTEMBE GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED is committed to collaborating with government and private sector organizations to create a supportive environment for job creation and economic growth. The company also raises awareness and promotes the importance of employment for economic development in Africa, inspiring and encouraging others to take action to address unemployment on the continent.

Overall, ITTEMBE GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED is an ambitious and forward-thinking investment group with a mission to create employment opportunities and drive economic growth in Africa. The company’s passion and commitment to making a difference is reflected in its purpose and objectives, and serves as a testament to its desire to build a better future for the African continent.