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Invest in Uganda with us!

Est. 2021, We invest in companies with the purpose of employing over million Africans directly & 100 million indirectly by the end of this century.

Companies we invest in

90% of our investments so far are online businesses generally with lower risk than brick-and-mortar companies out there. Our main reason for this online business approach is because of their adaptability and low risk.

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One of the unique features of investing in our companies is that we are to be a public limited of companies. Their shares are listed on a stock exchange just like those of any other public company and you invest in investment companies by buying and selling their shares.


Contact us

Kampala, Uganda.
P.O.Box 100639, Entebbe Road.
If you have any comments about our website, you can write to us at [email protected] However, because of the limited number of personnel in our corporate office, we cannot directly respond.